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Crew Management

Sea Genesis Group

As a company operating in the maritime industry, we specialize in ship and crew management services with an experienced team. Our company has years of experience in ship and crew management services.

With our crew management service, ship owners can lighten their management responsibilities for the personnel working on their ships. Thus, recruitment, training, planning, supervision, and management of personnel are carried out by a professional team. As a result, ship owners can focus their time on managing their ships.

As part of our crew management service, we carry out the recruitment of personnel to work on ships. During the recruitment process, candidates’ experience, education, and references are carefully reviewed. Then, the most suitable personnel are selected according to the needs of the ships. We have vast experience in establishing the right team for each ship’s needs by working with sub-agents from all around the world.

One of the most critical issues for ship owners is the motivation of their personnel. Our company increases the motivation of the personnel by providing various trainings and obtaining certifications.

Our crew management service is designed to make ship owners’ work easier. Working with a professional team helps ship owners focus their time on managing their ships. To learn more about our services to facilitate ship owners’ work, please contact our company.

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