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Sea Genesis Group,

Sea Genesis Group is a company operating in a wide range of areas in the ship industry and established through an international partnership. The company specializes in many fields such as shipbuilding, repair, cruise leasing and sales, ship management, and port services.

One of the founding partners of Sea Genesis Group, Ahmet Yazıcı, has been working in the cruise sector for more than 20 years and has worked as a cruise operator and manager in leading companies. He specializes in strategic management, finance, brand management, and global operations of cruises and has been a successful executive in the industry for many years.

Sea Genesis Group’s business areas such as Cruise Deck&Engine Management, Cruise Hotel Operations, and Cruise Charter offer high-quality services to customers thanks to their extensive experience in the cruise industry. In addition, Sea Genesis Group works with its international partners to establish cruise start-ups and operate in all sizes in the cruise industry.

Customer satisfaction is always a priority for Sea Genesis Group, and it aims to grow sustainably. With modern equipment and experienced personnel, Sea Genesis Group is among the leading companies in the ship industry that provide high-quality services to its customers.

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