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Our new online platform brings together the most luxurious cruise brands, comfortable hotels, and convenient flight tickets from all around the world. Our trustworthy and professional team is here to assist you in having the best travel experience. With our online platform, you can easily and quickly complete all your travel arrangements.

Our selection of cruise brands includes globally renowned ones as well as boutique brands that offer luxurious experiences. We also offer the best hotels in many ideal destinations for travel. With options that fit every budget, traveling is possible for everyone.

The world’s leading travel companies are available on our online platform for your travel plans. Planning your vacation has never been this easy!

Here are some of our featured brands:


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Our company offers specially designed programs for events that can be held on ships. We can organize any kind of event on our ships, from business meetings to private celebrations. We provide services on our ships for weddings, meetings, events, captain’s ceremonies, and other special occasions.

About Us

Sea Genesis Group is a company operating in a wide range of areas in the ship industry and established through an international partnership. The company specializes in many fields such as shipbuilding, repair, cruise leasing and sales, ship management, and port services.

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